Buildung Tools for m68k-RTEMS on Cygwin Host

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Dec 20 22:00:19 UTC 2006

frank.ueberschar at wrote:
> Bootstrap on MSYS does not yet work for me 
> as a newer version of automake(1.10) is needed. 

It may need a later version. I have not paid much attention to the 
versions here for a while and a later automake could be needed. I will 
get back to this soon.

There is a 'hack' which needs to be set up and is documented in the Wiki:

relating to the /etc/fstab. Are the paths ok ?

You can always try to build a later version on Windows using the MSYS 
shell. You may need to install the MSYS Developer Tool kit. It is 
available from the MinGW web site.


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