How to include math operation?

Angelo Fraietta newsgroups at
Thu Feb 2 23:20:29 UTC 2006

Matteo wrote:
> Ok I try to use paranois example but I have the same error,- undefined 
> reference to all the math function!!!

Does the paranoia example compile when you are first making RTEMS?

Have you built the toolset correctly?

Do any of the RTEMS example work for you?

>  I would like to use the function pow of the math library. 
> I'm using rtems- with gcc-4.0.2 and newlib-1.13.0 with system ubuntu 
> for i386 with psb pc386
> Can you help me ?

BTW, make sure you post to the newsgroup also - there are many in the 
group that could give you far more informed answers than myself.

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