gettimeofday seconds rollover problem?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Feb 22 12:23:15 UTC 2006

Andrew Sinclair wrote:

>Has anyone experienced issues with ticks rollover in a gettimeofday
>call? I have two calls to gettimeofday inside a task, and I am noting
>the difference in time. I have noticed infrequently that when the last
>timestamp occurs, the microseconds have rolled over to zero and the
>seconds remain at their previous value.
>So for example I am seeing... 
>Timestamp 1 : 1 second 998000usec
>Timestamp 2 : 1 second 0usec !!!
>Instead of 
>Timestamp 1 : 1 second 998000usec
>Timestamp 2 : 2 seconds 0usec
>Interestingly, another call very shortly after the incorrect time stamp
>returns the correct result. Ie.
>Timestamp 1 : 1 second 998000usec
>Timestamp 2 : 1 seconds 0usec !!!
>Timestamp 3 : 2 seconds 0usec
>I don't understand how this could happen, as rtems_clock_tick() is
>called within a timer interrupt, and the critical section in
>gettimeofday() is protected.
>Could it be caused by _TOD_Seconds_since_epoch not being volatile???
The seconds and nanoseconds values are grabbed/computed with interrupts
disabled so I don't think that would be the problem.  The asm volatile 
should provide sync points for the compiler if a partial read of memory 
an issue.

I was looking for a math mistake but don't see it either. It looks like 
ticks since
seconds boundary was zeroed and ticks since epoch wasn't incremented.

I just don't have a clue what you are seeing.  :(

Why are you getting 1 and 2 seconds?  Have you set the TOD?  Maybe there is
some weirdness in the behavior before time of day is set.  I don't think 
allows for the time never having been set as an error condition and it 
could be
a weird side-effect of time of day not really being set.

>My timebase is set for 1msec granularity, my target is coldfire, and I
>am using RTEMS 4.6.2, which has some fixes for problems discussed in the
>mailing list. These files seem unrelated to the issue at hand, however
>FYI they are timerfireafter.c, timerserverfireafter.c, and
I don't think this is it either.

>Any pointers?
>Kind Regards
>Andrew Sinclair

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