Problems redirecting stdin/out for a task in

Brett Swimley brett.swimley at
Fri Jan 6 00:24:12 UTC 2006

Till Straumann wrote:

> Brett Swimley wrote:
>> Till -
>> I'm noticing something similar to this with the rtems_monitor 
>> (mon-monitor.c).  I tried your change by adding
>> fileno(STDIN_FILENO);
> This is certainly bad, bad. fileno() expects a 'FILE *' argument
> but you give it what it is supposed to return (an integer file 
> descriptor).
Yup, I should have looked at the prototype...

>> prior to the tcgetattr, and tcsetattr calls for STDIN_FILENO.
>> I also tried fileno(stdout) as you suggested.
> Please attach your code.
Code is in cpukit\libmisc\monitor\mon-monitor.c.  Pertinent section (I 
think) is shown below. I've never used the monitor before this 
particular app that I'm putting together, but the behavior just doesn't 
seem right.  I need to press the ENTER key twice before I get the 
monitor prompt, and then the terminal advances to the next line.  I'm 
also not getting echo.

Perhaps this is not a related issue, but reading the description of the 
issue led me to believe it was...



    rtems_task_argument monitor_flags
    rtems_tcb *debugee = 0;
    rtems_context *rp;
    rtems_context_fp *fp;
    char command_buffer[513];
    int argc;
    char *argv[64];
    boolean verbose = FALSE;
    struct termios term;

    fileno(stdin);            ====>  Added this call (now corrected).

     * Make the stdin stream characte not line based.

    if (tcgetattr (STDIN_FILENO, &term) < 0)
      fprintf(stdout,"rtems-monitor: cannot get terminal attributes.\n");

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