some question about rtems_initialize_executive_early

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Jan 18 00:32:59 UTC 2006

wanglimin wrote:
> 	I have made an application on rtems,based on m68k cpu.but when
> it runs,it stops at 
> "excess   = size % the_heap->page_size",because it cannot find
> in ../../gcc-3.2.3/gcc/config/m68k/lblsf68.asm, then I use gdb, find
> that it cannot find __udivsi3,so jumped to _unexp_exception and then _stop.

What m68k CPU ?

How do you link the application ?

This code is normally located in libgcc.a and this is automatically
linked in when gcc is used to link the application.

> 	But when I run the example of hello_world, also it cannot find
>  ../../gcc-3.2.3/gcc/config/m68k/lblsf68.asm,but it can find
>  __udivsi3,so doesn't stop!

I think you mean lb1sf68.asm.

Why would an application need to see the lb1sf68.asm source file ?


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