gen405 status?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Jan 31 20:39:12 UTC 2006

Chris Caudle wrote:

>Anyone know the status of gen405 in CVS head?
>I've been trying to build, and get linker errors (no memory region
>specified for loadable section ``).
>I looked through the mail list archives and saw some mention of link
>script errors from summer of 2005, did corrections never get checked in?
What tools are you using?  My last build log looks OK for the gen405.  I 
been switching tools a lot lately so don't remember whether that is with the
gcc 4.0.1 RPMs, 4.1 branch, or gcc head. 

I do not know if it runs as I have no way to test it.  It is likely to 
require some
modifications for any particular 405 board if it is anything like other 

>I also see references in the make to "-D_OLD_EXCEPTIONS."  I thought all
>the PPC BSP's had been converted to new exceptions.  Is anyone already
>working on converting libcpu/ppc403 to new exceptions model?
I think all of the PowerPC BSPs except the 40x ones have been converted or
removed at this point.   So this is work left to do.

The other 4xx BSP is the helas403 from Thomas Doerfler and I recall that
he was having trouble debugging it because his emulator is broken.  But a
known good conversion of the gen405 to new exceptions would be welcomed
as would a mechanical (it compiles now) conversion of the helas403.  At that
point, I think old exceptions would be dead.

>-- Chris Caudle

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