New version of GDB Macros file

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Jul 11 18:51:05 UTC 2006


I have been tinkering for a while with the set of gdb user defined
commands and am ready to post a new version.  I think it is a
significant improvement over previous iterations.  It now knows
about more object classes including:
  + Classic API semaphores,
  + Classic API message queues
  + Classic API regions
  + POSIX API semaphores
  + POSIX API mutexes
  + POSIX API message queues

It can now display the set of tasks waiting on a thread queue
as well as information on the C program heap and RTEMS Workspace.
There are utilities to print the timer delta chain and to do
some basic checks on dispatching critical sections and ISR nest
level consistency. All in all, there are now about 25 documented
commands and it should be more clear on how to add more. 

Until we figure out how to incorporate it in a more accessible
fashion, it is still at:

And is attached to this email for posterity. 

FWIW gdb user defined commands are not that hard to write.  If you
find yourself chasing an RTEMS data structure, please write a new
command and add it to the set.  It really helps us all in the long

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