Cheapest hardware for Ada development (ARM7TDMI)?

ray xr at
Wed Jul 5 10:47:05 UTC 2006

The ARM BSP need at least 80k ROM  and 15k RAM for a helloworld APP
But I think a chip with extern memory bus(e.g. lpc2210) is more convient for debug

Thanks & Best Regards !

from£ºAndreas Schwarz
Date£º2006-07-05 06:38:17
to£ºrtems-users at
Subject£ºCheapest hardware for Ada development (ARM7TDMI)?


I would like to do embedded Ada development, nothing specific, just for
fun and to get some experience. What is the cheapest hardware I can use
with RTEMS and GNAT? I have experience with the ARM7TDMI-based
controller families by Atmel and Philips. Is there any chance I can port
RTEMS to such a target (e.g. 256K ROM, 64K RAM) and make it work with GNAT?


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