vfat support

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Fri Jul 7 03:12:55 UTC 2006

Camilo Alejandro Arboleda wrote:
> Microsoft only charges if you sell a product with embedded storage
> devices using VFAT. You don't need to pay for the device driver
> itself.

We need to consider the end users of RTEMS. I think adding this code 
goes against the RTEMS Development Mission Statement which states:

  "All software which executes on the target will not
   place undue restrictions on embedded applications."

The possible need to pay a fee to Microsoft is an undue restriction. My 
limited view is the current code provides FAT32 8.3 file name support 
which does not come under the license.

If the LFN support can be developed as a contributed patch or package 
which sits outside the main RTEMS source I think it would be ok. It 
becomes the end users responsibility to manage the issue.

I was developing a patch for LFN when this issue first appeared. I had 
added support to read LFN and only needed to added support for writing. 
I am not sure if I have the patch. I could look if someone wants it.

(this is not legal advice; other standard disclaimers apply)

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