Xilinx IP core drivers for RTEMS- Keith Robertson still around?

Robert S. Grimes rsg at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jul 18 15:42:39 UTC 2006

Hi Greg,

I'm in the same boat as you.  Keith has sent me his diffs, which I 
include here.  Note that they are against a little older version 
(V4.6.5) of RTEMS, and should work on a suitably configured Xilinx ml403 
board.  You'll have to make sure your V4 configuration is compatible 
with his stuff, or change one side or another...

Be forewarned - things are much more tricky here in V4 land. Because of 
the flexibility of the V4, you have many more variables.  When I used 
Keith's work, the simplest RTEMS application simply worked!  However, in 
looking at things afterwards, I realized how random that was...

I started with the Xilinx ml403 development/evaluation board.  As 
delivered, it is a pretty full-fledged configuration designed to show 
off all the V4 and ml403 features.  One thing I noticed early on is that 
some of the IP used in that configuration, specifically the serial port 
and the Ethernet MAC, would cost extra (iirc, $2K for the serial port, 
and $5 for the MAC).  I sure didn't feel like paying $2K for a console 
port!  Fortunately, the provide the uart lite component, so I did the 
necessary substitution.  Here is where the randomness kicks in - for 
whatever reason, Keith had done the same, so lo and behold, things worked!

It gets more complicated, however.  For me, I can't justify spending $5K 
for a core that takes up 25% of the FPGA fabric, /especially when there 
are two hard TEMACs on the darn chip to begin with/!  (I'm still a bit 
hot under the collar about how difficult getting the TEMAC up has been, 
especially because one would reasonably had assumed that such a 
highly-touted feature would have been demonstrated in an evaluation 
board!!!)  So I'll have to modify what Keith has done anyway to use the 

Anyway, I've been off it for a little while, but will be picking up 
steam again, especially after my design review on this project August 
1&2, so if interested, we can perhaps help each other a bit.  Be 
forewarned, I'm a novice with RTEMS, though I won't be for much longer...

Keith's stuff:
Attached is his diff against a clean 4.6.5 - here are his comments

    Here's the diff's against a clean 4.6.5.  I've had to manually edit
    the output of my svn diff command to only get changes specific to
    the gen405 drivers I've spoken about.  I believe it should work though.

    All changes are made available under the standard rtems license (ie
    GPL plus rtems exception).

    The main changes are the following:

    Xilinx opb interrupt controller:

    Xilinx uart lite driver:

    Xilinx ethernet driver:

    There are three other types of changes:

    1) Makefile.am changes to make the whole thing compile
    2) A few changes that were spoken about on the mailing list in July
    (essentially bugs in the gen405 port AFAICT).
    3) Bsp startup / connection to driver files
    (gen405/network/network.c, gen405/include/bsp.h)

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov wrote:
> Hi,
> This message is directed to Keith Robertson with regard to a message on
> the rtems mail list in Dec 2005 where he indicated he had some RTEMS
> code written to support Virtex-4 PPC hardware, specifically the
> interrupt controller, uart & ethernet.  If possible, I'd like to get
> copies of the code since we have a high priority effort underway using
> those parts, and RTEMS is the OS.
> Thanks,
> Greg
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