new processor port tips?

Allan Hessenflow allanh-rtems at
Thu Jul 27 20:29:18 UTC 2006

> >I'm working on porting RTEMS to an ARC. 
> Nice to see a port underway.  What compiler and other tool versions are 
> you using?

I'm using the gcc port from; it is based on gcc 3.4.5 and
binutils 2.15.  I've added an arc-rtems target to it, based on their
arc-elf32 target.

> I encourage you to submit it.

I hope I'll be able to, but it will be up to the company I'm working for.

> Do you have a simulator for the ARC?  If so, then the first version of 
> linkcmds is
> the one used to link and run on the simulator.  Ditto for the start.S 
> file -- it is the
> crt0.s.

I don't have a simulator (at least not that I know of - I do have some
Metaware tools, but I haven't noticed a simulator as part of them).  I
know I don't have a gcc target and simulator setup to work together.

> Using a simulator, you should then figure out how to do simple console 
> output.
> You 1st goal is to run hello world because it requires you to initialize 
> and switch to the 1st thread.  Next is ticker since it adds interrupts 
> to the mix.

Yep, that's the sequence I'm planning to do, except running on some real
hardware instead of a simulator.

> Start with the CVS head. :)

The next goal after getting rtems running is to run nanox.  I know nanox
has some rtems support in it; do you happen to know if that support would
be any further from working with the CVS head vs 4.6.6?


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