GNATS Transition Assitance Request

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Jun 8 20:42:46 UTC 2006


The RTEMS server ( is being upgraded/replaced.
It is the logical time to transition from GNATS to Bugzilla.
The amount of spam coming through GNATS is bad.

There is one issue with the transition that we need help
from the community with.  RTEMS is using GNATS 4.x and it
uses a slightly different file format from the 3.x series. 
The GNATS->Bugzilla conversion scripts are for the 3.x series
and thus do not work for the RTEMS GNATS DB.

There are two conversion scripts that I know of -- one script
is in Python and the other is in Perl.

Obviously if someone volunteers I will get them a tar of the GNATS

Not so obviously if there is no wayto convert the GNATS PRs,
then we will have to consider starting the PR  system over with
nothing in it.  I do not know if we can support keeping both
PR systems alive.

Help is definitely needed from a Python/Perl expert. :)


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