Clarification of IMFS

Steven Johnson sjohnson at
Fri Jun 9 08:18:44 UTC 2006


Can I just confirm that my understanding of an aspect of the IMFS is

IMFS has a file type called "LINEAR_FILE" and it is used primarily for
the "TAR" loader.  My understanding is, the TAR image is in memory
somewhere, and the IMFS just points to the data of each file in the TAR,
but doesn't contain the actual data itself, in the standard file blocks
(of 128 bytes).  Is there a size limit, for example, does the file block
size, which normally limits the size of a file in the IMFS limit the
maximum size of the LINEAR_FILE in the TAR, or is it unbounded.

The reason why I ask, is I want to implement my own loader, the file
data in my system is not in TAR format, but it is linear.  I would like
to switch over to a traditional file system model, and linking them as
LINEAR files seems like the expedient thing to do.  The files, in this
case, are read only.

Steven J

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