Data cache problem

leonp at leonp at
Mon Jun 26 08:15:43 UTC 2006

Hello, all.

I know decided to try to turn data caches ON in my application (BSP derived 
from MBX860 BSP).
As I did not want to recompile each time all the BSP, I put the following into 
Init task (is it ok to call these here?):
	{ create & start some tasks }

Now, when the first 2 lines are commented, everything works fine - at the 
point of 'rtems_task_wake_after' it goes till  _Context _Switch, then enters  
_Thread_Handler and from there goes to another task.

When I activate these 2 lines, the 'rtems_task_wake_after' routine also goes 
till _Context _switch, then enters  _Thread_Handler. But from here it goes 
back to the Init task!?

I know that the data cache issue is very sensitive, but I do not see how task 
context switch may be influenced this way by caches...

Any help or hint will be highly appreciated.
Leon Pollak

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