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Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Jun 7 02:31:49 UTC 2006

Waschk,Kolja wrote:
> Do you remember numbers, regarding the code size on Coldfire?

I have a libpython.a for the m68k at hand and it has 132 modules. The 
total size as reported by m68k-rtems-size is about 1.7M. The largest 
modules are:

  391643  unicodedata.o
  148828  compile.o
  100305  parsermodule.o
  60576   xmltok.o
  55690   unicodeobject.o
  54315   typeobject.o
  52544   datetimemodule.o
  45925   cPickle.o
  31813   stringobject.o
  31134   _sre.o
  29849   marshal.o
  29189   classobject.o
  28597   longobject.o
  27371   xmlparse.o
  25374   ceval.o
  24282   unicodectype.o
  23996   socketmodule.o
  21560   listobject.o
  20646   import.o

The final size will depend on what you use and what gets linked in. You 
can control which C parts are linked in. In a Windows or Linux version 
this is handled by the host operating system's dynamic linking.

On top of the code above you need to consider the Python library code 
and this depends on what you need and load plus the dynamic RAM used.


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