RTEMS on AMD Au1xxx (hardware & simulator)

Evgeny Belyanco esp1 at kbkcc.ru
Sat Jun 10 17:08:39 UTC 2006


I am interesting in RTEMS on AMD Au1000 CPU (MIPS 4Kc).

Is it any report of (un)success working with this CPU? Is it any ready
port for this CPU?

Another question is about simulator. At
I found, that GXemul can emulate Au1000. But at GXemul site I found no
such info.

Is it any (un)success report about RTEMS under GXemul in MIPS mode?
Especially with Au1xxx emulation.

The same question about http://www.qemu.org/ emulator.

Evgeny Belyanco
Chief Designer KB KCC
* E-mail: ea at kbkcc.ru

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