Signal handler & mutex, condition

Sergei Organov osv at
Wed Jun 28 10:53:29 UTC 2006

"Marek Prochazka" <Marek.Prochazka at> writes:

>> Nothing prevents you from starting your own thread(s) waiting for
>> event(s) from timer(s) and then doing whatever you wish in thread
>> context, and it's not that hard I believe.
> True, but I wanted to avoid this as this means I manage a pool of
> threads for my timers, instead of letting the OS to do that.

Why? Just start single dedicated thread that waits for any of events
from your timers, then invokes handler depending on particular
event. You get 32 different events/handlers easily.

Anyway, I meant that RTEMS doesn't actually restrict you in this regard,
and while it doesn't provide ready to use solution for this particular
application, it provides enough to achieve the goal.


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