GNATS-1110: in_cksum_hdr error in PC386 BSP

Till Straumann strauman at
Thu Jun 29 18:05:33 UTC 2006

danilliu wrote:

> I'm sure this problem is because of tools chain.
> When I debug this problem, I added a printf/printk function inside the
> defination of in_cksum_hdr, and then, the program runs ok!. So I think
> the bug is because of the optimizing operation of my gcc. That's why
> others compiling netdemo with gcc 4.0 or compiling in Linux not report
> this bug.
> BTW, I'm wondering why I can't send my mail to the mailing lists? I
> just can receive all these mails. I tried many times but I never saw
> my mails in the mailing lists. So I have to report my discoveries in
> the bug report area.
> If you can see this mail, could you pls tell me how I can send my mail
> to the mailing lists?

maybe you are filtered? The mailing list (as you probably know)
is <rtems-users>


> thank you.
> Danilliu
>>>>Either these routines have been heavily used, then they must have
>>>>working, or not - Then I don't understand why nobody has tripped
>>>>this issue in the years this code is in place.
>>>Because in previous years they were using a different tool chain.
>>It's always a comfortable excuse to accuse the toolchain :-)
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