UART ports on RTEMS

Luca Germano lucagermano at
Mon Mar 6 08:31:57 UTC 2006

I am new in RTEMS and I want to develop SW applications for RTEMS on Leon3.
I am interested to develop a SW application to handle the UART port of 
Leon3. I read on RTEMS manual that RTEMS maps the standar I\O on UART. So 
every kind of standard Output function will be output on UART port. But I 
have a problem related to the Input function like getchar or scanf. It seems 
that on UART there is ever something. So if I want to connect a PC to Leon3 
via UART and use the PC keyboard as input for Leon3 I can't send only the 
key pressed on the Keyboard to Leon3 but other characters  will be received 
on UART of Leon3.
Can someone help me?

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