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you don't have to integrate the "fileio" sample into your program, but I
thought it would be a good start for you to understand the required
steps to add harddisk access to your program aswell.

Have you analyzed/understood, which steps in the "fileio" sample code
are required to get acccess to files on the harddisc? If you have, it
should not be too difficult to identify the data structures and
functions you will need to copy from the fileio sample to your own
software. And once you have done that, you will have full access to your
harddisk through standard funtions like "fopen", "fprintf" etc.


Matteo schrieb:
> Hi 
> I try to use the fileio example but it's very difficult to integrate with my 
> program, because I'm working with thread posix but the fileio example is made 
> like a normal task, I try to use it but I have a lot of problem! 
> I have to save a file with some information, is there a very simple way to 
> save a file ?
> Is there a very simple example to try to use for my program ? 
> Thanks very much
> Matteo

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