Problem to save file on the hard disk! What I have to set to do it ?

Angelo Fraietta newsgroups at
Thu Mar 16 22:42:12 UTC 2006

Yan Luo wrote:

>> Hm, this sounds, as if reading of the partition table hangs. What kind
>> of interface do you have to connect your harddisk? RTEMS currently  only
>> supports a standard IDE interface (no SCSI, no SATA...). And it  asumes,
>> that the harddisk is connected as Master to the primary IDE  interface. I
>> should have mentioned this before :-(
> I am using a pretty old laptop (Compaq, Pentium, no CDROM). I believe  
> the hard drive is standard IDE based and on primary master because it  
> is "hda" in Debian linux. It would have other device names if it were  
> SCSI or other, right?
> I am wondering if "grub" (the boot loader) caused the problems. Both  
> Matteo and I use grub. Will grub affect the partition table and  
> mounting? Could you tell us the test environment that you run fileio  on 
> before, if you don't use grub or lilo?

I used grub on a hard drive and had no problems.
Try running DOS FDISK and have a look at what the partitions look like.

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