PC <->Leon3 serial communication

Luca Germano lucagermano at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 20 08:05:18 UTC 2006

>From a previous post of 15 Mar 2006 with Subject: Re: UART setting on Leon3 
seems that the leon3 bsp does not support to configure the UART with the 
termios interface. I don't know if this means that also the termios supports 
raw mode for data isd not supported.
The problem is that RTEMS for Leon3 mapp all the stdio on UART port. Can you 
tell me what termios functions handle the raw data mode?? I can test them. 

>From: Chris Johns <chrisj at rtems.org>
>To: Luca Germano <lucagermano at hotmail.com>
>CC: rtems-users at rtems.com
>Subject: Re: PC <->Leon3 serial communication
>Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 10:23:25 +1100
>Luca Germano wrote:
>>I try to exchange binary data between a Linux Pc serial port and Leon3
>>UART. I have a lot of problems with byte reading\writing. RTEMS on
>>Leon3 handle byte as character only so I can't handle binary flow of
>>data. It is possible to handle the UART on Leon3 in raw mode?

>I am confused with the Leon3 UART support. Does it support termios ?
>This is the standard for RTEMS and termios supports raw mode for data.

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