Problem to save file on the hard disk! What I have to set to do it ?

Ian Caddy ianc at
Mon Mar 20 13:59:41 UTC 2006

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Matteo wrote:
>> Hi Joel,
>> following your suggestion I follow the 
>> guide, but I have a problem.
>> I download from the cvs rtems and I have only this in the directory;
>> acinclude.m4 aclocal automake bootstrap bpskit c
>> So, like the guide suggests, I launch ./bootstrap but I have this 
>> error  ;
>> bash: ./bootstrap. /bin/sh^M: bad interpreter: no such file or directory
> This looks like something happened with CR/LF on the CVS checkout.   My 
> guess would
> be that you are on Cygwin and somehow using a partition with automatic 
> CR/LF.

The other reason for this is that if you extract a tar.gz file using 
Winzip (or other windows extraction programs) into the Cygwin 
environment, it will *not* extract properly.

You need to use the tar command in the cygwin shell to extract any file 

I hope this helps.

Ian Caddy
Goanna Technologies Pty Ltd.

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