Had someone Common Flash Interface (CFI) driver for RTEMS?

Etienne Fortin etienne.fortin at sensio.tv
Tue Mar 28 13:26:25 UTC 2006

Hi Alexander,
I did code for control of flash memory for a MCF5282lite board and RTEMS
4.6.1. It's part of my port of the MCF5282 and the lite board to RTEMS. The
flash is an AMD (Spansion) AM29LV160B. The interface, as I understand, is
quite similar between flash devices. I know it support CFI to get some info
about the flash device and support some kind of "reconfiguration", but I
didn't do anything with that. I implemented the read/write/erase protocol of
the AM29LV160B. But as I said, I think it's the same for a lot of flash

Do you want to take a look at it?

Etienne Fortin


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De : Alexander I. Shaykhrazeev [mailto:alexsh at design.morion.ru] 
Envoyé : 28 mars, 2006 03:15
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Objet : Had someone Common Flash Interface (CFI) driver for RTEMS?

Did someone use CFI devices with RTEMS?
We need to migrate from M-Systems DiskOnChip devices with production cycle
half-year, to another flash device with longer production cycle and standard
interface. Becouse we meet time-wasting porting of new DiskOnChip Drivers to
RTEMS every half of year. It's realy sucks.
Can you help us please choosing RTEMS-ready flash device?

Alexander I. Shaykhrazeev
Morion Inc.

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