RTEMS Multilib and libcpu

Brett Swimley brett.swimley at aedbozeman.com
Tue May 2 14:41:47 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I've been working with RTEMS 4.6.99 in a multilib environment, and have 
had occasion to utilize some of the features of libcpu (specifically the 
cache routines).

However, since I'm building multilib, I don't have a specific BSP that 
I'm building, and it *appears* that without the BSP, I'm not pulling in 
libcpu into the RTEMS library.

Two questions:

1) Am I wrong, does libcpu get built in a RTEMS multilib situation?
2) If not, would it be possible to change the automake configuration to 
cause this to happen?

Best Regards,

Brett Swimley

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