4.7 Branch Status -- TESTING PLEA!!

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com
Fri Nov 17 23:17:21 UTC 2006


I have been running tests and looking at logs this past week.
I have been repeatedly running the tests on various platforms.

My testing overview:

+ SPARC/sis    (gdb):    all sp, tm, psx, and itron look OK
+ SPARC/erc32  (tsim):   spot testing looks OK
+ SPARC/leon2  (tsim):   spot testing looks OK
+ SPARC/leon3  (tsim):   all sp, tm, psx, and itron look OK
+ MIPS/jmr3904 (gdb):    all sp, tm, psx, and itron look OK
+ PowerPC/psim (gdb):    all look ok except for unimplemented
                         FPU instruction
+ m68k/mcf5206elite (sim): ticker and hello OK
+ i386/pc386   (qemu):    spot checked with network about a week ago
+ arm/edb7312  (skyeye):  no success -- could be operator. :)

I have been updating the Wiki with status reports as I go but
may not be 100% up to date. 

PLEASE PLEASE TEST!!! As far as I can tell, the 4.7.0 release
is going to put cut as soon as I can tidy things up.

Reports are needed.  Looking back in the Wiki, it was nice to
see others are updating the BSP status to indicate when it was
last tested.  If a report is not against a release version
but against CVS please indicate branch and date.


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