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Mon Nov 27 23:30:19 UTC 2006

Attached is a patch to diskdevs.c that is required if the major device 
number used for the disk drive is greater than 32.  The function 
create_disk_entry will reallocate memory to change the size of the 
disk_device_table, but the "disktab" pointer is not updated to point to 
the newly reallocated memory.

I have not received any information that Bugzilla is operational, so I 
opted to submit the patch this way.

I ran into this when dynamically registering an SD card device, and the 
major number returned was 0x24.

After the patch was applied, the SD card was successfully registered and 

Best Regards,

Brett Swimley

Brett Swimley
Sr. Design Engineer
Advanced Electronic Designs

brett DOT swimley AT advanced DOT pro

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