Installation problem for target "(none)"

Stefan.Pusl at Stefan.Pusl at
Wed Nov 29 10:26:21 UTC 2006


I'm looking desperately for an answer for my problem. I use Cygwin on a
Windows PC and I tried to read the file README.configure carefully. In
this I found, that the following target and associated BSPs are

Target: (none)      BSP: posix

Thus I tried the command:

../rtems-4.6.6/configure --disable-rtems-inlines --enable-rtemsbsp=posix
--prefix=$HOME --target=

And I also tried the command:

../rtems-4.6.6/configure --disable-rtems-inlines --enable-rtemsbsp=posix

Both commands worked fine, but the succeeding command

Make all

Stopped by an error.

I don't know, what I did wrong. 

Best regards


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