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Wed Nov 8 14:05:55 UTC 2006


> I read on ACE TAO site that is possible to build ACE TAO for RTEMS

Yes, that is true, but this is very recent, in fact the first time we got an
error free compilation of ACE/TAO for rtems was yesterday ;-)

> I found on RTEMS web site the complete procedure to build ACE 

That is ancient, the ACE version is old, documentation is old. 

> During the execution of make to build the host side of ACE 
> TAO I had an 
> error related to the string type that is not a data type.
> Have someone built the ACE TAO for RTEMS and can explain me how to do?

Yes, I have build it, in fact, I am building it dozens of times a day at
this moment to revive the rtems port. We have all compilation errors
resolved, we have a few warnings left that I want to fix asap. We haven't
done any testing but I do know some code is missing between the rtems init
task and the ACE initialization, that is something we are going to work on
very soon. The rtems build we do now daily are on the ACE/TAO/CIAO
distributed scoreboard, see 

At this moment you will need the svn head to build, see
how you can get the svn head version. All the changes we are doing will be
part of the upcoming x.5.4 version of ACE/TAO/CIAO. We do have the
restriction that any direct help for ACE/TAO/CIAO on RTEMS can only be
delivered as part of our commercial services as described on Feel free to contact me directly by email or phone to
discuss our services related to rtems.


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