Xilinx IP core drivers for RTEMS- Keith Robertson still around?

gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov gregory.menke at gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Nov 8 17:31:20 UTC 2006

I'm about ready with a bunch of pretty well tested gen405 changes
against the RTEMS tree;

- source & makefiles ported to cvs head

- rewritten uart driver, supports multiple uarts, exploits full
  configured tx fifo depth buffering, polling mode only.

- considerably re-written soft core xilemac driver, supports up to 8
  simultaneous instances of the mac with 32 or 64 bit packet fifos- no
  DMA support yet.  No hard core mac support in this driver.

- updated opc interrupt controller vectoring

- updated and simplified runtime memory map (workspace & heap
  allocations are better defined and more simply controlled).

To bring up RTEMS on a Virtex 4 ppc, the only thing that needs doing is
ensuring the given base addresses for the uart & interrupt controllers
are specified.  For the soft mac, the address can be given in the driver
control struct, others are for the moment hardcoded in bsp .h files.

I was thinking I could send out a provisional .diff since these are more
than simple changes, avoiding too much upheaval by commiting directly to
the cvs tree.



Keith Robertson writes:
 > D. Peter Siddons wrote:
 > > I'm interested in bringing up RTEMS on the PPC in a Memec XC4FX12 board. 
 > > Has anyone done that? I'd appreciate getting hold of anything close to 
 > > try and modify. Did anything get deposited anywhere after this email 
 > > thread? I couldn't see anything on CVS.
 > > Thanks,
 > > Pete.
 > Hi Pete.
 > I have a number of the exact same boards as yourself sitting on a desk 
 > waiting for a port, however, I haven't done it yet.  (It's on the cards 
 > for my time in December.)  As to cvs submissions, I've been waiting 
 > until I sorted the v4 out to submit a proper xilinx bsp.
 > That said, I've used a Memec XC2VP50/VP20 extensively, along with a 
 > number of custom boards based on the V2 pro.  They're all v2pro's, but 
 > there should be very little (if any) difference trying to get it up and 
 > running  -- it's the same ppc405 inside.  The code/diffs that have 
 > floated around this list are tested against this memec v2pro board.
 > I don't anticipate a lot of problems or differences moving to the V4FX. 
 >   It should be pretty straight forward.  The only difference is the hard 
 > core emac that the V4FX has.  The ethernet driver in my previous ports 
 > is for a soft core plb/opb xilinx mac.  The V4FX has a hard core emac 
 > with a different (and as far as I can tell from my reading of the docs, 
 > much improved) register interface.
 > If you're so inclined, a driver for the new hard core emac needs to be 
 > written -- it's not that bad if you follow the other examples.  I can 
 > provide a fair bit of help with that if you get there before me.  The 
 > other option is that you could ignore the hardcore one and continue to 
 > synthesise the softcore one in the V4.  In this case, the driver from my 
 > diffs will continue to work.
 > Hope this helps.  Please stay in touch about your progress.
 > Keith

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