Mingw Tools and automake

Paul Whitfield paulw at omnitronics.com.au
Thu Nov 9 05:13:33 UTC 2006

Chris Johns wrote:
> Paul Whitfield wrote:
>> Hi Chris / list,
>> I am in the process of trying to upgrade to rtems 4.7 and the
>> mingw tools.
>> So far so good.
>> I have rtems m68k multi lib built and installed.
>> I have built an application successfully!
>> So far so good.
>> But now I need to change a makefile,
>> we use autoconf/automake based makefiles for
>> our applications.
>> BUT: I can't get automake to work.
> What is the error ?

Sorry - I should have put more details in.

Actually the problem was that I did not think that the
paths on the wiki examples were real - I thought that it
was an example. Once I set up the mount as

C:/rtems47/m68k /home/chrisjohns/rtems/4.7/build/rpms

It all works perfectly.




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