Support for the ne2000

Alexandre Constantino alexandre.constantino at
Thu Sep 14 16:58:09 UTC 2006


I'm struggling with network support from a compatible ne2000 NIC, and
would like to know from people who use this driver what cards do indeed

I'm using a pc386 BSP on a regular PC and the ISA card i'm using is a
Novell/Anthem NE2000 compatible. It works fine on Linux and there it is
identified as a ne1000/ne2000 isa/pnp ethernet card.

I have defined the same IRQ and IO in Linux (as well as other values i
found with google) for the netdemo application with the hope that there
would be some issues with those values... But to no avail.
I used a sniffer and it seems not a single bit get's out of that NIC...
I tried both using BOOTP and giving it an IP... nothing happens.

When i send an UDP packet, netdemo sends it away.. well that is what it
thinks. But when i send a TCP packet it seems to crash, but eventually
complains about a timeout.

I also tested netdemo in Bochs, it works fine except for some heavy
packet loss...

Any hints, help, ideas?
At the moment the only way out of this, that i can see, it to buy a
compatible NIC or debug this code over serial (a painfull task i

Thank your for your input

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