RTEMS Self Task Deletion

Kamaraj P pkamaraj at Centillium.com
Wed Sep 27 07:10:03 UTC 2006

Yes, I have observed the Entry point of the new task has got executed. Infact, it has also executed the call rtem_task_delete(RTEM_SELF), but still the memory associated with the task is NOT freed. 

Kamaraj P

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Kamaraj P wrote:
> Yes. I did the following !!
> After task creation, 
> rtems_task_start()

  /* wait for a period of time */
  usleep (1000000);

> if ( (status = rtems_task_ident(name, 0, &chk_taskId)) == RTEMS_SUCCESSFUL)
>     {
>         if (*taskId == chk_taskId)
>             return SUCCESS;
>         status = RTEMS_INVALID_NAME;
>     }
> Please let me know any working in my code.

You may need to block the thread starting the new task in order for the 
new task to run. The addition I have made does this. Note, this is not 
always the case and depends on the priorities and the pre-emption state 
of the starting task.


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