instruction access exception

hwulf at hwulf at
Fri Apr 13 12:19:46 UTC 2007


I created a RTEMS program with some semaphores, tasks and message queues.

For debugging reasons, I included many printf() statements like this:

#ifdef DEBUG
printf("createTimer: line: %i: Obtaining Semaphore timer_sem_id\n", __LINE__);

Now, when I start the program with #define DEBUG, the program stops at  
an irregular instruction and the following lines are printed to the  

Unexpected trap <0x01> at address 0xd0142300c
instruction access exception

Program exited normally.

When I compile the program without #define DEBUG instead, the program  
runs just as expected.

Has anyone an idea what's wrong with the printf() statements?
Am I overflowing the stack or something like that?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,

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