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Sun Apr 29 17:49:37 UTC 2007

Erwin Rol wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-04-29 at 14:24 +0300, Leon Pollak wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Yesterday, my customer turned my attention to the RTEMS web site, item 
>> called "EXPORT COMPLIANCE/CUSTOMS INFORMATION", which i was not aware of.
>> After several readings I must admit that my English is too poor to understand 
>> exactly what does this mean and what restrictions (except obvious - not to 
>> sell to Iran :-)) does this impose on me.
>> I shall be very thankful if somebody will find a minute to translate this 
>> high-English text to some simple words :-))
> The most simple and correct translation is "Ask a lawyer" ;-)
Someone noticed a couple of years ago that we did not have any export 
on RTEMS.  As I recall, the text is a merge of that from
and a few ftp sites.  Today, it appears to look most like the text from 

I just found a similar purpose but differently worded paragraph for  

But I recall that if you use "classic command line ftp", you get a 
similar message from many
popular ftp sites.  When you use Firefox to browse there, the login 
message may not get shown.

I am not a lawyer either but I recall we did do our homework to see what 
other free software
projects and sites did.  Then we got a legal review of our text.  As I 
read all of these disclaimers,
they are saying that the project complies with the laws of the  home 
country.  You agree not
to download it or redistribute it if either would violate some law. 

This is NOT legal advice for your situation.

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