select on UART

Paul Whitfield paulw at
Mon Apr 30 00:54:58 UTC 2007

Thomas Dörfler wrote:
> Hi,
> AFAIK select is currently limited to sockets, so there is no select
> support for serial or other devices. It would be a nice thing to add
> select support to the termios layer, but this has not yet been implemented.


The work around is to use the RTEMS specific receive call back functions 
in termios.


Here is a code snippet that uses the function

         if ( status >= 0 )
             rtems_id task;
             struct ttywakeup wakeup;

             rtems_task_ident( RTEMS_SELF, RTEMS_LOCAL, &task);

             wakeup.sw_pfn = receive_callback;
             wakeup.sw_arg = (void *) task ;

             status = ioctl( fd, RTEMS_IO_RCVWAKEUP, &wakeup);

And the callback is

static void passthru_receive_callback(struct termios *tty, void * arg )
     (void) rtems_event_send( (rtems_id) arg, EVENT_RS232_RX );

The sends the calling task an event when there is serial data available.

I could not find any documentation for this _non_standard_ API, so I
added a entry to the FAQ on the wiki.

Hope that helps.



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