Can't install user extensions?

Robert S. Grimes rsg at
Fri Aug 3 15:38:14 UTC 2007


Trying to create user extensions, but get error 5 "too many".  I have
this defined before confdefs.h


I started with 1 or 2, but still no luck

My code looks like this:

      rtems_name name_;
      rtems_id   id_;
      rtems_extensions_table extTable;

      extTable.thread_begin   = taskBegin;
      extTable.thread_create  = taskCreate;
      extTable.thread_delete  = taskDelete;
      extTable.thread_exitted = taskExitted;
      extTable.thread_restart = taskRestart;
      extTable.thread_start   = taskStart;
      extTable.thread_switch  = taskSwitch;
      extTable.fatal          = userFatalError;

      name_ = rtems_build_name('R', 'M', 'o', 'n');
      rtems_status_code status = rtems_extension_create(name_,
    &extTable, &id_);

The call to rtems_extension_create fails, again with the "too many"
error.  By the way, this is being called from the user's Init function.

I step into the rtems call, but quickly get lost

I see no significant (and relevant) difference between my code and the
sp07 test program.  What I'm doing seems identical.  A search of the
Wiki and mailing list archives turned up nothing relevant.  Any ideas?

As an aside, I can't figure out how the tests are created.  The
README.configure suggests using --enable-tests, which I did, and "do a
'make test'  to build the full test suite', but make complains that
'test' is not a valid target.  So I can't report wheter the sp07 test
program works or not...


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