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Martin Strand mart68 at
Wed Aug 15 07:49:09 UTC 2007

Hi everyone!
I've been doing an RTEMS project investigation as a 10 weeks final project for my class in computer sience. My/our intention was to see if the company I'm doing the work for during the project could use RTEMS for some of their applications. The idea was to set the system up on two target platforms and debugging some small applications on it.
As it ended up, I only came to use one of the platforms, an m68k, mvme162. The reason I chosed that platform was that it was avilable at the company. I used Mandriva2006, running under VmWare player, as the host system.
The project time is about to end, and I'm about to hand in the report and do a presentation within a few weeks. I managed to set up the system and made an application run on it. I've also write some manuals on how to installing RTEMS on the specific platform and a report on the pros and cons using RTEMS. But I didn't get a debugger to work proper. My time is up on the project and I'm about to hand this project over to a new student (who might be a pain in the a** on this forum after reading my report ;) ). My intention is to pass along some usefull information to him/her to make it easier to get started.
Finally, here's my questions (which I hope some RTEMS users can help me with):
Is there any suggestions on which target platform to use when starting to work with RTEMS (in terms of easy to get started with, easy to debug, good support, well documented turorials,  BSP support, etc.)? 
Is there a prefered host system?
Any prefered emulators?
Is there a certain version of RTEMS that's easier to get started with?
If the report turns out to be good I'll post a link on this forum further on.
Best regards, Martin Strand, Sweden.
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