design Real-Time Process in RTEMS

rtems skyeye skyeye.rtems at
Fri Aug 31 15:06:09 UTC 2007

  VxWorks 6.x have the Real-Time Process (RTP) extension.
  I think we also can implement the RTP in RTEMS.
  The Idea is :
  1 RTP contains 1~n
user-level rtems-task, and process the virtual memory related things.
  2 the mapping relation of virtual memory :phyiscal memory is 1:1
  3 the user-level task in RTP can access kernel function by syscall
  4 the user-level tasks and the kernel-level tasks are in the same
scheduling strategy.

  the advantage of RTP is:
   1 the crash of user-level tasks in RTP can
not destroy user-level tasks in other RTP and the kernel.
   2 compatible with the old task model.
   3 the context switch  is faster than that of general OS (such as linux)

   anyone have  some advices on RTP in RTEMS?


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