I want to get the document of rtems4.5

Kenneth J. Peters Kenneth.J.Peters at jpl.nasa.gov
Fri Aug 3 16:56:13 UTC 2007

At 8:45 AM -0500 8/3/07, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>Ralf Corsepius wrote:
>>  On Fri, 2007-08-03 at 00:45 +0800, mao ye wrote:
>>>  The document of rtems4.5 can not be downloaded from the web.Who could
>>>  send it to me?
>>  RTEMS-4.5 is dead and unmaintained.
>>  You don't want to use it.
>I want to repeat this -- IT IS OLD! DO NOT USE IT!
>The documentation is still online exactly
>where the other RTEMS documentation is.  So I
>don't know how you missed it.
>  > Ralf

And please keep the old docs available, or warn the community if you 
decide to remove them, so we can capture a copy. There is at least 
one legacy application that will probably stick with 4.5 for a long 
time before becoming obsolete.


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