Get Task (or other Object) name given id or pointer

Robert S. Grimes rsg at
Mon Aug 6 13:41:41 UTC 2007

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> I held off answering this hoping someone would pipe up.
> I am surprised no one answered it over the week or Monday
> morning Europe time.
No worries, I don't need it until tomorrow anyway!
> There are two services:
> rtems_status_code rtems_object_id_to_name(
>  rtems_id      id,
>  rtems_name   *name
> );
> which assumes you are just returning the 32 bit integer name.
> This method has been in RTEMS for 4 years.
This is exactly what I need - the fixed size, one word format works best 
for this use (a task switch monitor).
> The other method tries to convert it to a printable string:
> char *rtems_object_get_name(
>  Objects_Id     id,
>  size_t         length,
>  char          *name
> );
Certainly could be useful.  In fact, I've been carrying a separate 
string name, and I think I'll punt that and use this instead.  So you've 
addressed an issue I wasn't concerned with - thanks!

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