Help! isync, exceptions, dummy function problems with RTEMS (near-head) PowerPC/virtex BSP

Robert S. Grimes rsg at
Thu Aug 9 19:19:28 UTC 2007

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Thank you.  I really do want to get from 4.7->4.8 faster
> than 4.5->4.6 or 4.6->4.7.
I'm installing it now - I'll see if there is any difference wrt my
current difficulties, and report.  If the problems are still there, at
least I can comment out the dummy function and get you some feedback on
the virtex BSP.
> I suspect this is the classic problem that the BSP left
> an interrupt source enabled that should be disabled.
> You have an interrupt pending when the first context
> switch enables interrupts and it doesn't have a handler.
Which problem are you referring to?  Probably not the Dummy Function
Problem, right?
> Double check the BSP interrupt initialization.  It needs
> to clear/disable all sources and let individual drivers
> enable the ones they will handle.
I'm not convinced, as things were working until just very recently.  I
think the BSP is okay, is what I'm saying.  But since I have added an
interrupt handler in my application code, perhaps it is that?  But
again, it was working for quite some time before these exceptions
started showing up.


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