Recomended host environment?

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Aug 15 23:55:30 UTC 2007

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Qemu is pretty easy to run pc386 applications and is a
> standard RPM on Fedora. 

It is also very easy to use gdb with qemu. You start qemu with the gdb option 
(-s), then start i386-rtems4.8-gdb with the executable as a parameter (eg 
hello.nxe) then:

   (gdb) target :1234

and you are connected to the qemu session with a debugger. I tend to stop 
booting at the grub prompt, connect with gdb, set break points then get grub 
to run the RTEMS program. The break points work even though qemu loads the 
RTEMS executables after. Another nice feature is issuing a qemu monitor 
command 'system_reset' to reset the PC simulator then loading the RTEMS 
program again. You can do this with out stopping the debugger. The breakpoints 
still work and the monitored data still present.


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