Issue with pc386 on

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Fri Aug 17 14:50:10 UTC 2007

Paul Black wrote:
> Alexandre Constantino wrote:
>> Have you included the "semaphore" manager on the application's makefile?
>> IIRC that was one of the changes I had to make for my hello world.
> Thanks - that worked.
> Is there a way I can deduce what is missing or is it just a case of knowing?
> My initial thought is that if I'm missing something, it won't link.
> Obviously that wasn't the case.
For every RTEMS tarball or CVS, the examples and network-demos
should be in sync with the RTEMS version.

This time, the big change was pushing the minimum executable size
done.  By breaking dependencies, no manager is required any more.
YMMV based upon the BSP -- some BSPs make .rel's that are larger
and have more dependencies than necessary in the minimum sample
test.  The other issue is some BSPs include their printk debug IO
in the console driver source files.  That results in printk pulling in
the entire console driver and then termios even though they are not
needed for debug IO.


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