OT (maybe) How to create a library of libraries

Robert S. Grimes rsg at alum.mit.edu
Tue Aug 21 21:55:43 UTC 2007

Chris Johns wrote:
> This will not work. 
I know - that's why I wrote!  :-P
> The linker does not know the library is a library of libraries. The
> linker will only work with a library of object files. You need to
> *merge* the libraries.
This is what I thought was going on.
> There is no standard way to do this. It is often hand crafted to suit
> your build system specifics. A nice example is already in RTEMS and
> used to build the librtemscpu.a library. Take a look in:
>  cpukit/wrapup/Makefile.am
> and search for 'librtemscpu.a: $(TMP_LIBS)'. This script code extracts
> the libraries into a directory then creates a new library containing
> all the extracted object files.
*That's* where I saw it!  I was pretty sure RTEMS itself used something
like a library of libraries, but I couldn't remember where it was, or
how to look for it.  I'll try that - thanks Chris...
> Regards
> Chris

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