Blackfin BSP

Allan Hessenflow allanh-rtems2 at
Wed Dec 5 04:19:25 UTC 2007


I've started on a BSP for a bf537 based board.  I took a copy of the
ezkit533 bsp and, with only trivial changes, got it to work on the
bf537.  So I'm about to start writing drivers for some additional
peripherals, most significantly the ethernet module in the bf537.

Since this is a BSP I'll be able to contribute back to RTEMS, I
thought I'd ask if there's any preference on how to do the peripheral
definitions.  Currently, under cpukit, there's a bf533.h that defines
the locations of the peripherals that chip has.  There is a lot in
common between different members of the blackfin family, so the bf537
definitions could easily be put in the same file, controlling the
differences with a CPU model define.  In that case I'd rename it to
something more generic.  Or, the definitions could be put in a new
file, bf537.h; that file would then duplicate most, if not all, of the
contents of bf533.h.  Personally I'd prefer the former to eliminate
that duplication.  I only see a couple of advantages to the latter -
there wouldn't be any additional #ifdef's, and it would cut down on the
changes I'd be making to files that are maintained by someone else.


Allan N. Hessenflow      allanh at

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