stop function in net driver

朱旭峰 fall4ufeng at
Wed Dec 5 12:31:57 UTC 2007

      i read the netcard DEC21140 driver recently, i noticed
that dec21140_stop( ) is called in the dec21140_ioctrl( ) function. But
rtems doesn't tell what to do in the stop( ) function.
     Anyone can give some information ?

     here is the code for dec21140_stop ( )

static void
dec21140_stop (struct dec21140_softc *sc)
  volatile unsigned int *tbase;
  struct ifnet *ifp = &sc->arpcom.ac_if;

  ifp->if_flags &= ~IFF_RUNNING;

   * Stop the transmitter
  tbase = sc->base;
  st_le32( (tbase+memCSR7), NO_IT);
  st_le32( (tbase+memCSR6), CSR6_INIT);

  /*  free((void*)sc->bufferBase); */

   Best wishes!
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