cmake version of RTEMS

Yu Chen chyyuu at
Mon Dec 17 12:59:02 UTC 2007

my team think cmake is better than autotools for rtems.
my team did a test which use camke instead of autotools to build rtems.
 First we reduce retems only for pc386 (about 1MB src codes), then we
chang it to be the cmake version. The performance testing results is
shown below(in 1GB RAM, 2.0GHz Centrion CPU):

old version based on autotools
time ./strip
real    0m40.553s
user    0m37.234s
sys     0m2.460s

time ../rtems-20071103-only-pc386/configure --target=i386-rtems4.8
--enable-posix=no --enable-itron=no --enable-networking=no
--enable-rtems-debug=no --enable-rdbg=no --enable-tests
real    0m14.698s
user    0m2.604s
sys     0m1.680s

real    1m46.696s
user    0m54.387s
sys     0m13.477s

new version based on cmake
time cmake ../rtems-cvs-cmake-1213 -DRTEMS_TARGET=i386 -DRTEMS_BSP=pc386
real    0m1.313s
user    0m0.612s
sys     0m0.176s

real    0m49.815s
user    0m27.954s
sys     0m5.008s

If any one need the src codes, please send me email. The size of two
packages is about 2.4MB.

Best Regards
Chen Yu
Laboratory of Pervasive Computing,
Dept. of Computer Science and Technology
Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P.R. China
E-Mail: mailto:yuchen at  chyyuu at

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