Blackfin BSP

Chris Caudle chris at
Fri Dec 7 15:59:49 UTC 2007

On Fri, December 7, 2007 7:40 am, Alain Schaefer wrote:
> All the periphery defines like UART, SPORT, RTC etc. should
> be moved to something like
> libbsp/bfin/shared/include/bfin.h
> After this split the bfin.h in cpukit should only really contain core
> defines which should be the same in all bfin variants.

Since the peripherals are part of the processor, and not dependent on the
board layout, shouldn't the variations be in cpukit and not in libbsp?

This set of guidelines was mailed by Thomas Doerfler on 23 Feb 2005.  Has
anything changed since then to make it inaccurate?

According to this list, sounds like the stuff being discussed should be in

Chris Caudle

RTEMS has various places for code, that is is adapted to
architectures, cores, CPUs and boards (Ralf, I simply started to
write things down as I think they are, would you please correct
this, since you have much more background on this):


contains code that is/should be architecture specific but
independent from the actual core implementation. Conditional
statements might be neccesary to distinguish between core

cpukit/ (except score/cpu/<core>)

contains code that is totally architecture independent


contains code that is cpu dependent. It may contain code for
integrated peripherals (like serial/networking drivers for
MPC8260). It may contain code that is core specific (?).


contains code for commonly used peripherals/interrupt
controllers of a given architecture


contains code for a specific board, and the glue to put
everything together (reference drivers from libchip,
libbsp/<arch>/shared etc.)


contains drivers, which can be shared between different
architectures (like ide, some networking peripherals)

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