memcpy() in boot_card()

Charles Matthey charles.matthey at
Wed Dec 12 14:32:59 UTC 2007

Le 12 déc. 07 à 15:20, Joel Sherrill a écrit :

> Charles Matthey wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I try to understand how I can adapt RTEMS to my specific board.  
>> I'm  using Leon3 bsp, trying to modify some files to make it works  
>> on my  card.
>> I've got only 2MBytes of RAM memory space, so I put it in startup/  
>> linkcmds
>>  linker script the line :
>> _RAM_SIZE = 2M;
>> but, when I start RTEMS, the function boot_card() try to do a  
>> memcpy()  at addresses out of memory space. Is there an other place  
>> to modify  when I want to define my specific board ?
> Is this an explicit call to memcpy?  I don't see it in the
> RTEMS source for bootcard.c.  It might be a structure
> copy and gcc has generated it.
no, it's not.
It's in the function boot_card(), when it tries to do
BSP_RTEMS_Configuration = *Configuration.RTEMS_api_configuration;

I guess it's a problem of memory mapping, but I don't know where I  
need to change this information... or a bad link to C standart  
functions ?


> More information needed.
> --joel
>> Thanks a lot,
>> Charles
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